Pinterest Weekly Roundup: 28/6/2014

So, what have we got this week? You will realize that our pinning habit has top the usual! A little bit of travel, a little bit of graphic, a little bit sugar and heaven!

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So what are your plans this weekend? We know ours has something to do with hot chocolate, a good book and some pretzels. 

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Ever wonder what is in the mind of a fashion designer? Specifically, what is in Tan Chun Yong's mind?

The award-winning fashion design student has made us proud and his designs has always been a knockout to the ordinary.

Before featuring his work, let's take a look at how Chun Yong is constantly on the go for the latest industry-standard competitions.

Chun Yong won 2nd prize in the Gurney Plaza Batik Fashion Design Competition 2013


15 Special Things To Do On Father’s Day

Don’t let the word “special” put you off. These recommended activities are in fact simple yet memorable. When was the last time you put your work down, and really took a look at your Dad? 

All these years, whileyou pursue your dreams, he has been by your side, giving you his greatest support. After all life has thrown at him, after all the fine wrinkles and grey hair has procured, it is time we spend some quality moments with our Pop. 

Photo courtesy of PDX Pipeline

Make him a DIY present
Despite the strong exterior, an honest gift from the heart will instantly make his day a better one. Take a look at his surroundings, and decide what he really needs. Sometimes, we even invade Daddy’s closet, only to find out that he needs a new sweater. Otherwise, make him a personalized photo frame which he can display proudly at his work station. 

Photo courtesy of Be a Fun Mum, Shelterness, and Fancy

Buy him a gift instead
We’ve figured that unless you have Hermione’s Time-Turner, a handmade present might be too time-consuming and challenging for you. Instead, take an hour or two off to shop around for a gift that he has been eyeing! It could be that new sound system, that leather belt, or the even that tablet he has been contemplating. Walk into stores around the block to check out the Father’s Day Sale. Need more suggestions? Here are some stylish Father’s Day gift ideas

Let Papa sit back on his favourite patio chair while you grill him a kick-ass burger! You can also call up his buddies and invite them to spend the day together. Lay out some garden salad, chips, and beer on the table, and it will bring the boys to the yard. If you are new to grilling and need a couple of quick tips, you are most welcome to visit this wonderful site.

Photo courtesy of Punch Bowl and Richmond Park Boat House 

Go Couch Potato
Pick up some blockbuster snacks, and let him choose which movie to watch. There’s a reason why he enjoys spending his day off on a couch! Throw on the duvet, dim the lights, and enjoy the family moments together. We have a favourite selection of comedies for special weekends like these.

An image scene from our all-time favourite, Dumb and Dumber.
Photo courtesy of New Rock 104.1

Wash His Car
Yes, we know this sounds like a weekly chore you did back then. But playing with water on a Sunday is fun, isn’t it? (Or is that just us?) 
Make Dad’s day better and squeak-clean the mean machine! While you are soaping up the car, insert some light conversation and finally let him know how much you enjoy spending time with him.

Take him shopping
This must be ridiculous. At least, that is what you think. Unless your Dad enjoys hanging out at the shops as much as you do, he is unlikely to enjoy shopping, unless he really needs to purchase something. Take him out and let him choose what he needs. If he is looking to freshen up his wardrobe, be a good help and search for the outfit that matches his panache. Otherwise, take him shopping for shoes and get matching hiking boots! 

A little bit country
We love road trips, even if it’s a short one. Plan a weekend getaway with your family and let the King take some time off from his busy week. If you are looking for a change, take him on a country road trip in a campervan or lodge at a friendly valley. 

Photo courtesy of Smitten Studio Online


DIY : Sock Bunny

Dear socks dolls, we were wondering all these while where have you been?

Since Get Arty with Mummy Creative Craft at Gurney Plaza last month, we have been obsessing about you! This includes searching for tutorials online, buying materials, saving up every pair of socks and more.

The truth is socks dolls are great alternatives to rag dolls. They take shorter time to make, and the result is A-D-O-R-ABLE!

And it doesn't limit you to one kind of socks. You can choose to use kid socks, or even adult socks (it doesn't matter if it’s knee length). Just remember to have some decorative materials to help prep the doll up, such as felt, buttons, ribbons, or cloths leftovers. 

Now, let’s get started!

Dear readers, meet our bunny, Igloo.

You will need:
  • A pair of socks 
  • Polyester padding (you can get this at tailors’ or craft shops)
  • A pair of scissors
  • Thread 
  • Needle
  • Decorative materials such as pom pom


1. Position your socks on your table this way. 

2. Flip your socks inside out. Using a pen, draw along the red line. 

3. Cut along the guide carefully. (This can be a little tricky. Ask a friend to help you if you have having problems with the stretchy-ness.)

4. After you have cut the parts out, sew along the dotted line. Make sure the seams are sewn closed.

5. Now, time for some stuffing! Flip the socks out carefully. Stuff some padding into both ears and then fill up the entire sock. This will be the bunny’s head.

6. Sew the ends of the socks to seam it up. Don’t worry about the shape, you can fix that later.

7. Now, we are moving on to the body. This step is optional. Our sock has thick stretch band, hence we cut it off along the red line so we can sew it better!

8. Stuff and stuff away! Ensure that you have enough padding in there to shape the body later.

9. Then, sew the ends and seam it up. 

10. You should have something like this. No bunnies are harmed for the production of this post.

11. Finally, sew the head and body together and voila! You can then decorate your doll creatively.

There are many varieties of socks dolls we can do. You can even personalize the doll by sewing a monochrome initial, stuff some fragrance sachet in the doll, or even make costumes for them! 

We have done a few examples here. If you would like to try making different socks doll, there are many creative tutorials on the Internet. Below are some of our favourite collections!



We hope you like this tutorial! Let us know in the comments below on what tutorial we should do next!