Feat Art : Lee Sydney

We remember how students questioned her name. We remember seeing her most of the time in the fine art studio. We know she is the glue in her mates.

But we also realize one thing that Sydney, our bright student from Diploma in Fine Art just like her name; she is one in a million. 

Apart from her signature leather jacket and short shorts style, her work is not only intricate but the aesthetic finishing touched our minds, bodies and souls. To be honest, we have never seen Sydney stop working on new paintings! 

Nevertheless, the college received requests to purchase Sydney's art. However, just like many of our students, the work value is priceless. 

Here are some of our favourite work and moments of her:

Surveillance of the border patrol in the glass cage - Oil on canvas

Graphite Drawing
Adobe Photoshop Digital Illustration 

Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas immitation

The red sea of the unforsaken - Oil on canvas

Sydney @ work

Sydney and the VIP appreciating her work during Tanjong Heritage 2013 Prize-giving ceremony

She made in to the finals for Tanjong Heritage 2013.

Sydney introducing her final year projects to YB Yap Soo Huey and the college's principal.

Sydney proud of her works during 'eleven eight' graduation showcase 2014.

Recently at the 'Eleven-Young Art' Art Show at Alliance Fran├žaise de Penang.
If you would like to enquire her regarding job opportunities, painting collections, and exhibitions, kindly drop her an email at sydsense@gmail.com