Graduation Showcase 2014 - 'eleven eight'

We've seen them taking bold steps and facing challenges. We've seen them shared marvelous ideas . 

Now, let's hear from them about their execution on their final year projects; their Graduation Showcase 2014.

Presenting to you, the graduating final year students of Equator Academy of Art Batch 118:

"We are individuals who comes together in year 2011 on the month of August (8) and was coded as 118 intake of Equator Academy of Art. The code concept for our graduation theme is inspired by how we ourselves are encoded as a team. Therefore we name our Graduation Showcase 'eleven eight'

We believe that all things are encoded for a purpose. And our purpose here in EAA is to obtain valuable knowledge, skills and qualification in art and design. Our role as a designer is like an encoder, transforming information into interesting and effective visuals.

In the past three years journey we learnt as a team and specialized as a creative individual. The five colours code on our graduation showcase logo represent the 5 programmes which are Graphic & Multimedia Design, Digital 3D Animation, Interior Design, Fashion Design Technology and Fine Art. The colour tints characterize the variety and flexibility of respective field of studies in the area of skills as well as design application.

We decode "eleven eight" as the essence of 118 which will always live on to bring creative possibilities to people. Now it is time for us to reveal our vibrant talent and specialty to the world of Art & Design and for you to decode 'eleven eight'. "

Admission is FREE.
We hope to see you there!

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