15 Special Things To Do On Father’s Day

Don’t let the word “special” put you off. These recommended activities are in fact simple yet memorable. When was the last time you put your work down, and really took a look at your Dad? 

All these years, whileyou pursue your dreams, he has been by your side, giving you his greatest support. After all life has thrown at him, after all the fine wrinkles and grey hair has procured, it is time we spend some quality moments with our Pop. 

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Make him a DIY present
Despite the strong exterior, an honest gift from the heart will instantly make his day a better one. Take a look at his surroundings, and decide what he really needs. Sometimes, we even invade Daddy’s closet, only to find out that he needs a new sweater. Otherwise, make him a personalized photo frame which he can display proudly at his work station. 

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Buy him a gift instead
We’ve figured that unless you have Hermione’s Time-Turner, a handmade present might be too time-consuming and challenging for you. Instead, take an hour or two off to shop around for a gift that he has been eyeing! It could be that new sound system, that leather belt, or the even that tablet he has been contemplating. Walk into stores around the block to check out the Father’s Day Sale. Need more suggestions? Here are some stylish Father’s Day gift ideas

Let Papa sit back on his favourite patio chair while you grill him a kick-ass burger! You can also call up his buddies and invite them to spend the day together. Lay out some garden salad, chips, and beer on the table, and it will bring the boys to the yard. If you are new to grilling and need a couple of quick tips, you are most welcome to visit this wonderful site.

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Go Couch Potato
Pick up some blockbuster snacks, and let him choose which movie to watch. There’s a reason why he enjoys spending his day off on a couch! Throw on the duvet, dim the lights, and enjoy the family moments together. We have a favourite selection of comedies for special weekends like these.

An image scene from our all-time favourite, Dumb and Dumber.
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Wash His Car
Yes, we know this sounds like a weekly chore you did back then. But playing with water on a Sunday is fun, isn’t it? (Or is that just us?) 
Make Dad’s day better and squeak-clean the mean machine! While you are soaping up the car, insert some light conversation and finally let him know how much you enjoy spending time with him.

Take him shopping
This must be ridiculous. At least, that is what you think. Unless your Dad enjoys hanging out at the shops as much as you do, he is unlikely to enjoy shopping, unless he really needs to purchase something. Take him out and let him choose what he needs. If he is looking to freshen up his wardrobe, be a good help and search for the outfit that matches his panache. Otherwise, take him shopping for shoes and get matching hiking boots! 

A little bit country
We love road trips, even if it’s a short one. Plan a weekend getaway with your family and let the King take some time off from his busy week. If you are looking for a change, take him on a country road trip in a campervan or lodge at a friendly valley. 

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Sunday camping & fishing
Do you know how to tie a fishing hook? Or how to keep the camping tents from being blown away? If your answer is “no,” then you should learn from Dad! Since it’s his day, let him show you how to reel a big fish at the lake, or how to start a fire! You will be thankful of the things you’ve learned from Dad, and he will appreciate what you’ve done for him.

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How about just talking?
Let’s admit it: we don’t pay enough attention to our parents. Perhaps you will feel a little out of place when you first do this, but trust us, it will get easier. After all, he is the man who raises you up and catches when you fall. Hold his hands, and ask how he really is. Let him know that you would like to spend more time with him, and that he could share his feelings with you, too.

An Evening at the Bar
You've been there with the other dudes or with your girl friends. What if you bring your Pops there? Choose a bar, lounge, bistro, or pub that plays his favourite songs that night. It doesn't really matter if the snacks or drinks there aren't up to what you expect. This way, you are letting him know that you are not intimidated by him having drink with you at your favourite bar. It will bring back some memories for him, too. 

Make Him Lunch
Surprise him by taking over the kitchen! It doesn't have to be ala Gordon Ramsay, though. A good spread of home-cooked food will satisfy him. If you are looking for different variations, SORTED recipes are fail-proof! 

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Hit the record store
If your dad is a big fan of The Beatles, Rolling Stones, or has been music-surfing since the 60's, you know for sure that good music matters most to him. If you don't happen to have a record player (you should consider splurging on one!), purchase him a CD collection of his all-time favourite artistes. We happen to have a long list of 500 greatest music albums of all time. 

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Bring him to a game
Whether it's a Knicks or Giants game, buy him a ticket to his favourite game! Even better, front row seats! Therefore, check the next game’s schedule, book the seats, and watch him goes wild at his favourite team! 

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Work on a project together
This could be a toughie for some, to accomplish a task and to bond at the same time. It could be a project to reorganize the living room or build a cob oven. As a matter of fact, it could be as simple as a Lego project. This is a great opportunity for you to learn from Dad. He has been guiding you all this while and still is. Show him how much you enjoy learning from your Pops and the distance his guidance go to make the project successful! 

These are only a few of our suggestions on what you can work on for Father's Day. Of course, if you have better ideas, we'd like to try them out, too! After all, we just want to spend more quality time with our Dad. 

We hope this post has given you some initiative to make Father's Day memorable!