Sew What | The Handmade Mavens

After SPM, you will either proceed to Form 6 or college. Then, you further your studies in universities, yada yada yada. 

Those are just one of the paths leading you to a new chapter. But do you know there are more ways to pursue your dream career?

This week, we’d like to share with you a line of handmade products, done by our alumna. Fang Yee was a Diploma in Graphic & Multimedia Design graduate from our college. She and her two sisters created Sew What.

Inspired by their mother’s sewing skills, Sew What twinkles into various sewing projects such as backpacks, clutches, wallets, and more. Plus, these trendy, handmade accessories are one-of-a-kind! Who wouldn’t want to be unique?

Sew What; a handmade collection founded by Chia Yee, Chen Yee and Fang Yee.
Back then, Sew What was just blog where Fang Yee and her sisters share their handmade work. When they became a vendor in a one-day market in Puchong, they used the blog to introduce and promote Sew What. Since then, they never look back. 

Here are some of the products made by Sew What. We seriously consider splurging on these beautiful backpacks!

Polka dot back pack

We love this gravel shade back pack. Goes well with most casual coordinate!

Floral summer back pack for their lovely cousin

Their fist participation in a market; Mari Market.
How can one not love gorgeous craft like this?

They even made an aromatherapy apron!

Hand-Stitched Eco-Friendly Notebook

As mentioned, there are many useful products featured in Sew What. And did you know that their products are eco-friendly? Fang Yee shared with us that it is very wasteful to throw away all the clothes that people no longer want; some of the fabrics are gorgeous. Therefore, Sew What combines all those unwanted fabric and gives it a new life. Some of the products are made of 75% recycled material. Plus, these three creative sisters love travelling, so their fabrics are from different places! The prices depend on material and size. For a laptop bag, it costs about RM50 while a backpack costs about RM80.

Currently, Sew What is based in Kuala Lumpur and operates online. Occasionally, they join up with vendors. It was tough to manage a full-time graphic designer job and operate a handmade product blog (trust us, it isn’t easy!).

So, show some love and visit Sew What here! We know we love them, and so will you!