Valentine's Day Ideas 2014

Valentine’s Day for the In-Love

You’re young. You’re ga-ga for each other, and you need to plan a Valentine’s date that would seriously impress the socks off your significant other. If you have that sort of money, or if you have access to your daddy’s platinum credit card, you would bring your honey to an expensive, candlelit dinner on a private yacht, complete with top-of-the-range champagne while a string quartet played in the background. You would toast each other and wallow in all the lovey-doveyness, but let’s face it: not all of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouths. So what do we do then?

Firstly, the understanding that love does not equal the amount of money you spend on your date would go a long way. Love isn’t about what you can buy your partner; it is about the time and attention dedicated to your significant other, and that means while you lack in funds, you may more than make up for it by putting a little more thought into your plans for this special day. Here are a few activities you can look into (and they don’t even cost that much!) :

1. Make your own card
People love getting handmade cards, and what tells someone you love them better than this thoughtful and creative gesture? A selection of paper products would only cost you around RM2, and embellishments such as ribbons and rhinestones would cost a further RM3-4. If you’re really keeping an eye on your wallet, it is a good idea to share and swap supplies with your friends. That way, you get more materials for the lowest possible price.

2. Sing your darling a love song
Ever heard about how some dude propose to his girlfriend with the use of a silver screen? Now you can do the same, except yours would probably be more personal and low-key. All you need is the your phone. Record or take a video of yourself singing your lover’s favorite love song and send it to him/her. If you’re feeling particularly brave, you can even upload your rendition to YouTube or Facebook and let the whole world know how you feel about your beloved. Be sure to include a short and sweet blurb about all the things you love about your partner before you start singing your heart out.

3. Make a memory box
Look for a nice wooden or metal box. It shouldn’t cost more than RM20 or RM30 depending on the size and the details on it. Musical boxes are also great, and if you’re up to it, you can even make a box of your own. In this box, you are to place all the items that reminds you of the experiences you’ve shared with your love: perhaps the ticket stubs of the movies you’ve seen together? Or maybe your first picture as a couple or a copy of the first song you’ve danced to. You get the idea. Wrap it up nicely and give it to your partner. The awesome thing about this is that the both of you will add more to the box as time goes by, and you’d one day be able to look back at all how you’ve grown as a couple with a smile on your face. 

4. Get baking
Most of us are a sucker for chocolate chip cookies, and it is highly possible that your partner would appreciate the same jar of sugar-spiked munchies. Chocolate chip cookies are relatively cheap and easy to make. The recipe we’re so fond of can be found here.

We recommend Hershey’s Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips for that extra oomph. 

When you’re done baking, carefully arrange the cookies in a pretty jar and tie a ribbon around the lid. 

5. Hit the beach
The wonderful thing about living - or staying - in Penang is that we’re surrounded by beaches. Why don’t you bring your date to one? You don’t even have to climb onto a banana boat or a jet ski. Simply take off your shoes and walk, barefoot, along the sandy stretch. Talk. Share your hopes and dreams. Hold hands. Gaze into each other’s eyes. Make sand castles. Trace your names in the sand. The best things in life are free. 

OMG! I’m So Single, it’s a Tragedy!

Who says you can’t have fun on Valentine’s Day if you’re single? Lately, an alternative to Valentine’s Day is also celebrated across the globe. It is known as Singles Awareness Day (also known as S.A.D., but please forgive the pun), and this humorous holiday is loosely observed anytime from February 13th to February 15th. It is a day set aside to celebrate the awesome entity that is the “single you.” You don’t need someone else to complete you; you are unique and fabulous as you are, so why shouldn’t this day be all about you? We’ve taken the liberty of including a list of things you can do to celebrate your awesomeness:

1. Go dancing
You know you’ve got the moves, so why don’t you flaunt them? Gather a group of single friends, put on your drop-dead gorgeous clothes, and hit the dance floor - hard. What do you get out of this? Good fun, great company, and a fantastic workout. If you’re lucky - and if you’re looking - you may even meet someone new!

2. Host a party
Nobody likes to be alone on the day of love, and truth be told, most - if not all - of the eateries in Penang would be swamped with couples. Frankly speaking, you do not want to be caught alone in any of these places, because those loved-up people WILL give you pitying looks, whether or not that is the case. Your best bet would be to host a party and invite only singles! It is completely up to you how many people you invite to your party. It could be a small intimate party for close friends where everyone brings their favorite food, drink, and candy. You’ll eat and share stories of dating nightmares - it’s fun, and it takes your mind off your single status. Alternatively, you can choose to host a larger party: have your friends bring a single friend or two. Or three. The more the merrier!

3. Write yourself a love letter
Why shouldn’t you write a love letter to yourself? You can assume you’re writing from the viewpoint of a potential lover, if you like. Write about all the things you love about your most favorite person in the world: YOU. Detail all the things that make you so special, so adorable, and so lovable. You can sign off however you like: “From Your Valentine,” “From a Secret Admirer,” or what-have-you, as long as it makes you feel good. Then, after you’re done, mail the letter to yourself. 

4. Go out on a date - with a platonic friend
Just because you’re not seeing someone special is not reason enough to not have a date on Valentine’s Day. Ask a good friend (preferably of the opposite gender, but we’re not picky) out to a tasty meal. Be sure to firmly establish that this is a “friends only” date (unless you’re actually interested in the guy...or girl), because you don’t feel like being alone on this day. Enjoy your food and drink while looking around the restaurant guessing which couples would last and which would not, based on their body language. 

5. Spread the love
Let’s put it this way: you have so much love to give, but there’s no one special to give it to. Give it to more than one person! Buy flowers for your parents, and make little Valentines for everyone who has touched your life in some way. Pay for a stranger’s drink at your usual coffee place. Visit an animal shelter and spread the festive cheer to our furry friends. Call up your best buds and tell them how much you love them. The sky’s your limit!

I’m Here, and He’s There

Separated from your beloved this Valentine’s Day? Fear not! With the advancement in today’s technology, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be “together” without busting your bank account for a last-minute plane ticket. These are a few things you can look into:

1. Skype by candlelight
Turn on your computer and turn off the lights. Light a few scented candles. Video call your significant other. Hey, if you can’t physically be with each other, at least you can be together virtually, right? You may even eat the same dinner, if you like. Be sure to plan and agree on what to eat and drink before hand.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words
With the help of modern day picture-editing software (both free and otherwise), you can create an image of yourself wishing your darling a Happy Valentine’s Day. Be creative! Gather pictures of things that remind you of your better half and turn them into a collage in honor of the season. Round it off with captions such as, “Until you’re here with me again,” “I’ll be counting the hours,” or simply, “Happy Valentine’s Day, baby!”

3. Watch the stars together
If you’re not living on the other side of the planet from your beloved, you can simply go outside and watch the night sky together. It feels good knowing that no matter how far apart you may be, you’re both united under the same sky. It’s also a good idea to call your significant other while you’re stargazing.

4. Create a virtual scrapbook
Take pictures of the things you do throughout Valentine’s Day, and at the end it, share them on a virtual platform, be it a virtual scrapbook, an online journal or even a social website. You can also opt to chat about your day, the places you’ve been, and the things you’ve seen. This way, although you’re apart, you still feel like you’re involved in each other lives.

5. Send a care package
Get your hands on an assortment of small, meaningful items you know your significant other would like: his favorite candy, a box of paper clips (because he can never seem to find any on his cluttered desk at work), a bookmark for the book series he’s reading, or even a box of tea bags, if tea is what he likes! A care package spells out to your better half that he is always on your mind, and it goes a long way to show how much you care about him.

We’ve reached the end of our write-up in honor of the occasion. Hopefully, our tray of small articles have been both informative and enjoyable. Here’s to wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day: much love, much joy, and much respect.