15 inspirational websites for designers

Good day! How are you getting on? We have been quite busy with new intakes and road shows, but we are back with bigger and better updates for you! Dedicated to designers or passionately wants to become one, we went through all the trouble to carefully select 15 inspirational website designs for you! 

If you beg to differ or live in a fancy world (just like some of us), this site is like a world of candies; Lemon drops in precise. Not only that but this eye candy is the website of an actual restaurant! Good luck browsing through the site without salivating.

Who’d have known that pre-loaders can be so fascinating? This creative communication agency sure knows how we like our navigation done! It’s simple, clean, user-friendly and has smooth visual flow.

You cannot un-see this. The next time you walk into any yogurt stop, you’ll get all Lavoisier especially when it comes to choosing your flavour. Why? Well, remember how we erased the periodic table from our mind once the Chemistry paper is over? Yogurt Labs brought it back, AGAIN! We assure you, this periodic table is very, very lovable.

Can you grab a bottle of beer and enjoy the view outside your lawn? You can now even in front of your computer! There are just so much to adore in Shiner’s website. With their unwinding live background and friendly navigation, it’s as good as quenching your thirst on a summer day.

Unlike the conventional method on how candles are portrayed (dark, cold, flickers, hot), we like how bright and sunny these candles can be! No more dismal portrayal and dark theme sites.  Don’t believe us? Let Circle 21 Candles show you how bright visual + candles! works!

At the very first look, this blue reminds us of so many things! Navy, Royal vintage typewriter and more!  In contrary to popular beliefs, formal shade like this should be kept for strict organization or education, but not for Rook. They made it just right for their homepage and gave the blue a break on other pages; talking about colour flirting! 

Now here’s an easy and safe design for your portfolio! With the minimal visual and interface at the right amount, creative director Jun Lu manages to sell his site (and profession of course). 

This website made us believe that there’s an Umbrella Corporation watching us from the other side.  What more can we say to futuristic and sleek design? Definitely got into this list!

There’s just so much to explore when it comes to the White Bunny’s work. The organized sidebar gives ample space for users to feast on the magnificent photography work.  Kudos to another white/bright theme used for photography portfolio! 

We have probably seen more than 90 websites per month. Surely we can relate how certain websites are more attractive than their author (which is shouldn't be the case). However, as a writer and ceramic artist, we can closely relate Edmund’s installation of work with this website design.  Not only it is well-structured like his creations, but also supports his credibility in the industry.  

Straight cut, skinny or slim, they’ve got it all here. This could actually be the first time we browse jeans in comfort of our home. Seriously, why bother heading down the store, finding the right fit, waiting in line and then forcefully sweating the jeans up? When you’re purchasing online, nobody’s watching and nobody’s judging!

This fully-interactive site shows us how humble creative agencies can be. But don’t be surprised at their list of big clients! Carbon Studio uses blue dewy hues and catchy drag-&-drop feature in their homepage; makes us curious what each button does.  They got us right there!

Brilliant! Simply brilliant! When was the last time we had the author of the site himself make an introduction? Not only the interface is easy to navigate, but it portrays a more personal approach (and that is always better).

We thought Central Park lost its jizz when the famous TV series FRIENDS ended, but not for Central Park Real Estate! Undeniably, this site has kneaded dimensional illustration and simulation which gives it a fresh perspective of New York City.

Last but not least, this drag-&-drop feature of Minion Cake Shop wins your heart. We don’t mind paying for sweet treats but isn't it great to know what we are paying for? Drag and drop the ingredients on the cake to see how your customized cake will look like!