Feat Art: Ng Zhou Tze

It’s the weekend. It’s almost December. It feels like Pina Colada on a summer vacation in Hawaii.
Truth be told, we don’t need a reason to value this sweet, harmony yet energetic Swatch Club interior design!

Club 1

Club 2


Quick Christmas Shopping Tips

Before you hit the stores for Christmas deals, get these quick tips from us that are guaranteed to please anyone! 

Get something practical for them
If you pay close attention to someone, you’ll realize that they are in need of something. It could be a down pillow for office chair, a weekend at the spa, a drinking tumbler for gym, a new jacket for the frost, anything! If you can’t stand the silly thought of them going through without all these, hurry down the store and find one in their favourite colour! They’ll be thankful that you made their life easier!


Feat Art: Jojo Lim


10 Amazing Gadgets for Designers

There are many times where we take a peek at designers’ desks and wonder what those tech-savvy stuffs are.

Some designers prefer their work space clean and minimal, while some prefer it in their own state. No matter how you arrange your space, we found 10 really cool gadgets for you.

Not only it fits stylishly but they are also practical. If you are a designer, let’s make you a super cool one!

1. Polaroid
Polaroid Z340 Instant Camera - Photojojo
Do you realize that things from the past eras are coming back as a trend? Come on! Back then it was cool but now it is way cooler! We are not talking about basic Polaroid camera here. You can edit and save pictures from the memory card too!

Yes, we are talking about shutter device that fits the old and young.

2. Beat Block
BeatBlock Speaker

It could be the new album release from your favorite band or just browsing through Internet radio. Unless you are having a phone or online conversation, sharing is caring. Tune up your workplace with this most durable portable speaker and share the goodness with other designers.

Keep an eye out for version 2; higher volume, better bass response and rain proof. Bam!

3. Tank Up Coffee Mug
Tank Up Coffee Mug - Fred & Friends

Alright, this is not exactly an electronic gadget or anything of a complicated mechanic. But we are pretty sure that we cannot overlook an awesome mug from a designer’s table. For us, the mug is equally important as the caffeine fuel! With the heat-sensitive printing, you will know when to brew another fresh pot of coffee.

Yay to never sipping from an empty cup again!

4. Snooze Alarm
Snooze iPhone Alarm Dock - Distilunion

Instead of accidentally dismissing your iPhone alarm (familiar?), you can snooze your Snooze iPhone Alarm Dock or quiet down incoming phone calls easily with a sleepy-slap. With the snooze-function rubber top and non-slip bottom, Snooze can stylishly fit your bedside table or work desk; a hero indeed when it comes to our power nap.

5. TIC TAC TOE Pencil Holder
Tic Tac Toe Pencil Holder - 24Dientes

We love neat and minimal work space; even better if we could have bit of fun. Old classic games are hard to die especially when it’s part of your desk! Let’s say when your creative director comes over to your table to check on your work, don’t let him/her walk away just like that. Have a game ready and take a fun break!


Special Offer - Art Camp 2013

Good news for you!
Our Art Camp 2013 is now having a special offer!


NAFA 75th Anniversary Art Exhibition 2013

This year, NAFA is celebrating their 75 years of art education. NAFA Alumni Association Malaysia and co-organiser Equator Academy of Art will be holding an art exhibition at Equator Art Gallery as below:

Date:    24th - 30th November 2013 
Venue: Equator Art Gallery, 7 Leith Street 
Time:   10am – 5pm

The objective is to highlight the active and vital contributions of the diverse and dynamic talents of NAFA's alumni to our society and to explore current local art from the perspective of the art practices of these outstanding 54 artists.


Art Camp 2013 – CREATIVE ATTACK!

Our yearly Art Camp is back, with more exciting and fun activities just for you!

If you have no holiday plans figured out for December, you’d probably want to mark down 14th December!

This year, we would like you to participate along with your friends! 
Register 5 friends including you in a team and you’re in. However, we do accept individual registration and will place you to your respective team.

Your team will be guided by our professional lecturers and will be exposed to 6 different areas:

  • Fine art
  • Graphic & Multimedia Design
  • 3D Animation
  • Fashion Design
  • Interior Design
  • Architectural Technology

At the end of the day, your team will be competing with the rest and stand a chance to win fabulous prizes!
Our friendly student helpers will also be there to assist you!


Pop the bubbly! We’re here!

Here’s to a new chapter for Equator Academy of Arts and all art lovers out there!

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