Study Trip To Tokyo, Japan

Just like what Lily Allen said Who’d Have Known, we could never put this into words. Regardless of that, we will still try because we need to get the excitement out of our system!

Weeks ago, Equator Academy of Art students have been selected to represent Malaysia for a study trip to Tokyo, Japan! Now, we know how big Japan is for the art-oriented, right? Not only that but this group of talented students are from our Digital 3D Animation Department.

3D Animation? Japan? Anime artists? Contain ourselves we cannot!

If you haven’t seen the pictures in our Facebook, check it out here!

Have you watch Pom Poko, My Neighbour Totoro, or Princess Mononoke? Then you should know that these globally-renowned works are done by genius minds from Ghibli Studio. Our favourite is Spirited Away of course. But really, how cool is it when you get to step in Ghibli Museum? 

Madhouse is not a new name to us too. You may not know of the production company, but we’re sure you’ve heard of or even watched Beyblade, Chobits, Tokyo Babylon and many more! 

Familiar with the name Square Enix? How about Final Fantasy? Nuff said. 

What a great opportunity and eye-opening experience for these young and talented minds! 

Sharing some Japanese love till we see you in the next blog post! Itada ikimasu!