Creative Attack: Art Camp 2013

Just when you thought your Saturday would be easy, our Art Camp 2013 strived to make it better!

If you heard it earlier that this year’s Art Camp was far more challenging yet with added fun and attractive prizes, you are right!

The registration started at 8:30am, but participants can be sighted before 8:00am! 

In contrary to popular beliefs, no one likes to be up on an early Saturday morning. However, these creative campers were excited and all we can see is glees on their faces! How could they not be up when greeted by friendly and charming emcee, Laureen Quah? It started off with some fun ice-breaking games by Paul Seah before they were grouped into a team of fives. 

Time to break the social barrier, ay?

Different teams were to create different characters. Each group came out with a theme and the members were to create their very own unique characters and give it an identity. It seemed so easy but no! 

Briefing by Jason Chuah

The first session, Skeleton Moments, require participants to create a ‘backbone’ structure as a base before proceeding to the next step. In this session, it was conducted by Digital 3D Animation Department and guided by the student helpers. Head of Department, Jason Chuah briefed the participants before they begin as it requires precise measuring and cutting. 

Cutting board requires attention. Helpers and lecturers were there to give a hand.

Skeleton done!

Next up, off to the Fashion Department for Clothing Moments! Participants were greeted by friendly fashion lecturer, Jonathan Penn and helpers! This time, they were to create an outfit to match their characters. They can add some props or accessories for that touch of glamour. We sure gave them a real-fashion designing experience! Just look what they've made; from plain white skeleton to runway-ready!

Having fun at the fashion department

Student helper assisting participants props-making

It is great to sit in or watch a fashion show, but it takes lot of work and creative juice to get it all done! These participants now know how it works!

After some yummy lunch and chit chatting with new friends, it’s time for Emblem Moments. No character would have made it to fame without an identity right? Creating identity not only means coming up with a name. It has to have a concept, theme, and rationale to make it come as one. This session was conducted by Graphic Design & Multimedia Department’s lecturers namely Janice Chong, Tia Yun Shu, Donna Suganob, Colin Teng, and Head of Department, Low Saw San. 

Emblem moments guided by Ms. Low

When it was about 3:00pm, it was the time for their last mission; Stage & Make Up Moments. Conducted by Interior Design, Architecture and Fine Art Department, this final mission requires participant to create a stage background and design it for their character presentation. 

Is it true when they said the final ones are always harder? Not really when you have team work. This mission reminded the participants that at the end of the day, it is not a one-man-show. You’ll need one another to help complete the work and that is what teamwork is about! 

Guided by lecturers Tan Hiap Hong, Mac Tan, Ricardo Tovar, Jon Kuiter, Audrey Wong, and Giancarlo Campagna, Equator Gallery was filled so many things at once; setting up board, painting, assembling and arranging! It was like as if they were so into their work and could not wait to see the final presentation.

At last, all teams were to present their work for grades. We can see so much joy in their faces when they can’t stop smiling away at their work. We believe that sometimes you’d be surprised at your own creativity! 

Cartoon theme

Minions theme

Halloween theme

Safari theme

Frozen theme

What’s more? They were even more surprised to know about the prizes they stand a chance to win! It was not just merely an Art Camp. Like we told you earlier; do your best and you will be rewarded! Apart from creating these amazing works, participants get to learn the different types of art and concepts. 

We Love Art Camp 2013!

A special thank you to our Art Camp 2013 sponsors: Canon, NestlĂ© , Ricoh, Zhong Hua Gourmet Restaurant, and Little Cottage Cafe. And to all the awesome participants (you know you are!), we hope that the Art Camp 2013 brought you great fun and memories, and it would be something you can’t wait to share with your friends!

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