Quick Christmas Shopping Tips

Before you hit the stores for Christmas deals, get these quick tips from us that are guaranteed to please anyone! 

Get something practical for them
If you pay close attention to someone, you’ll realize that they are in need of something. It could be a down pillow for office chair, a weekend at the spa, a drinking tumbler for gym, a new jacket for the frost, anything! If you can’t stand the silly thought of them going through without all these, hurry down the store and find one in their favourite colour! They’ll be thankful that you made their life easier!

Countdown surprise!
There are so many ways to surprise someone. Why wait till Christmas? Send them your thoughts, sweet notes or little hints for them to look forward to! You can even sweep them off their feet with monthly subscription gifts such as Wonderbox, Birchbox, Trunk Club and Papirmasse! You’ll be amazed and how trendy these gifts are!

Remember your budget
Need to splurge to impress? Not necessarily. For most of us, it is the thought that counts. Start a scrapbook on how you both met and your journey along the way. Write a song that reminds you of that special someone. Otherwise, save it up for a simple lunch that will always be memorable.

Treat that sweet tooth
We will always have someone who can never resist a good cookie, chocolate lava or peanut butter fudge. The good side of this is you can start learning up the recipe and prepare early! Wrap and freeze some cookie dough until you need to bake it, or prepare ahead sweet indulgences such as jams, fruit conserves, chocolate mix. You can even create your very own customised Christmas snacks! Check out some hearty snack mix recipes here.

Let them be proud of their gift
How great is that feeling when you walk into someone’s house and see your painting hung up the wall? Needless to say, many of us have countless experience where we shift our stuffs just to make space for a new gift. It could be a small sculpture, a portrait painting, a handmade table runner or crotchet cushions. Let your gift astound their guests!

Shop smart and have fun!