Pinterest Weekly Roundup: 4 October 2014

October screams so many celebrations! Octoberfest, Halloween and more parties! My calendar is filled mostly with work datelines, and weddings.

If you a frequent home or rockafellas party planner like me, inspiration shall hit us first. Look around or surf online to find out what are people doing, what can be done, what perks up the night, and what makes it memorable till it becomes a topic for the next gathering.

No doubt I have my own resources online when it comes to party ideas, food recipes, favour boxes, party games to impress the guest and all. But at the end of the day, I still come back to Pinterest as it is so easy to navigate everything I need in one site.

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Feat Art : Lee Sydney

We remember how students questioned her name. We remember seeing her most of the time in the fine art studio. We know she is the glue in her mates.

But we also realize one thing that Sydney, our bright student from Diploma in Fine Art just like her name; she is one in a million. 

Apart from her signature leather jacket and short shorts style, her work is not only intricate but the aesthetic finishing touched our minds, bodies and souls. To be honest, we have never seen Sydney stop working on new paintings! 

Nevertheless, the college received requests to purchase Sydney's art. However, just like many of our students, the work value is priceless. 

Here are some of our favourite work and moments of her:

Surveillance of the border patrol in the glass cage - Oil on canvas

Graphite Drawing
Adobe Photoshop Digital Illustration 

Oil on canvas

Oil on canvas immitation

The red sea of the unforsaken - Oil on canvas

Sydney @ work

Sydney and the VIP appreciating her work during Tanjong Heritage 2013 Prize-giving ceremony

She made in to the finals for Tanjong Heritage 2013.

Sydney introducing her final year projects to YB Yap Soo Huey and the college's principal.

Sydney proud of her works during 'eleven eight' graduation showcase 2014.

Recently at the 'Eleven-Young Art' Art Show at Alliance Française de Penang.
If you would like to enquire her regarding job opportunities, painting collections, and exhibitions, kindly drop her an email at

Clash of the Cuboids - Art Camp 2014

Equator College warmly invites you to our "CLASH OF THE CUBOIDS" ArtCamp 2014! This year’s warrior-themed event will be filled with fun and excitement! Battle against the CUBOIDS to unearth the ancient Geometria treasures! 

Experience a day of creative learning by exploring and expanding your artistic horizons through our series of exciting activities and games. Register through post, in person or online before 22nd November 2014!

Register online here :

Fee is RM35 per person, including lunch,T-shirt and lucky draw ticket!
Attractive prizes to be won!



CLASH OF THE CUBOIDS" ArtCamp 2014 is proudly sponsored by Canon Malaysia, G Hotel, Ricoh (M) Sdn Bhd and Oriental Enterprise & Insurance Agent.

Pinterest Weekly Roundup: 23 August 2014

How is August treating you so far?

With the cold weather and isolated storm that has been going on lately, I longed for a little warmth by the campfire, or simply a humble duvet. A cup of Chai tea latte wouldn't hurt too.

The first thought that struck me when I did this week's Pinterest Roundup was ''My gosh, how tan is this roundup?''. It's brown, earthy, neutral and for a moment I thought I could almost smell the scent of apple tree wood; such a safe colour.

Without further ado, let's see take a look at what is on our boards this week, shall we?

Pinterest Weekly Roundup - 23/8/2014

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Have a pleasant weekend ahead. 

Feat Art: Tan Jia Shin

Back then, I stayed up late at night or even skipped dinner just to catch the classic Disney movies.

Aren't those the great moments in our childhood? I remember how I used to cuddle in an over-sized blanket, sneaking cookies and milk in for the night. 

When this collection of shadow cutout design was submitted, I couldn't help but be amazed at the intricate details and fine handcrafted work. I mean, don't we see this only at sites like Behance or Dribbble?

That's the time when I know I have to feature this work. This wonderful work was done by our Diploma in Graphic & Multimedia Design student, Tan Jia Shin. 

Peter Pan; the boy who wouldn't grow up

Tea time with The Mad Hatter

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Would you exchange your voice to be a human?

It means no worries, for the rest of your days..

Beauty and the Beast 

The cutout design assembled in a frame.

Look at those fine details!

Pinterest Weekly Roundup: 9 August 2014

Now now, you don't think we've forgotten all about Pinterest Roundup, do you? In fact, we are pinning more than ever! 

Don't believe us? Check out our Pinterest fever for yourself!

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Graduation Showcase 2014 - 'eleven eight' (Part 2)

With 9 days left to the graduation showcase, the graduating students could not be busier!
These colony have been sending out invitation cards and putting up posters Penang hot spots!

We can't wait for the showcase. What about you?
To be continued...

Graduation Showcase 2014 - 'eleven eight'

We've seen them taking bold steps and facing challenges. We've seen them shared marvelous ideas . 

Now, let's hear from them about their execution on their final year projects; their Graduation Showcase 2014.

Presenting to you, the graduating final year students of Equator Academy of Art Batch 118:

Pinterest Weekly Roundup: 19 July 2014

With many heartbreaking incidents lately, many had lost their loved ones and hope. 

Unfortunate incidents like these in one way or another made us realize that no place and no time is ever safe. 

So, tell you loved ones that you love them whenever you have the chance. Let them know how much you care about them. 

"Don't wait for the perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect. " - Zoey Sayward 

We hope that this week's Pinterest Roundup could take your mind off, even though for a little while.

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Autodesk Certified Professional

Here at Equator, we offer part-time programmes for development of new skills for your career in design & creative industries. But did you also know that we are an Autodesk Certified Training and Certification Centre ?

We offer a range of part-time Autodesk programmes to help your achieve your goals, including certification for industry professionals.

Autodesk Certified Professional is for those who possess more advanced skills, and can solve complex design challenges. 

For more information on our Autodesk Certified Professional examination dates, venue and fees, keep scrolling!

All students sitting for the examination will undergo an Exam Preparation Briefing which include certification requirements, exam topics and objectives. 

To RSVP or to find out more about the certification, call us at +604-2615116 / 2281315 or email  your enquiry to